Get in the Holiday Spirit!

Can you believe it is December already? The weather is sure beginning to feel like it. Everywhere you go you are reminded of the upcoming holiday(s) and ways to
So how do you maintain control and stick to your plan?

Here are four simple tips:

  1. Eat at home before you shop. Eating at home saves the most calories and not to mention dollars too. Eat a meal or at least a snack before stepping out to run errands or do gift shopping. All types of stores stock empty calorie food items near the check out lanes. When you are out and about on an empty stomach it is easier to lose control.
  2. Carry a snack with you. To avoid the “check out lane” temptations always keep a handy snack with you. A granola bar, protein bar or just some nuts and a couple of dried apricots will hold you over until you can get home to your healthy and delicious meal.
  3. Continue to journal your food intake and activities. Even if your routine changes a bit over the holiday season, don’t forget to log your intake and activities. Keeping track of what you eat daily is the only proven strategy to keep you accountable to your plan. It is also rewarding to see yourself committed to your goal.
  4. holiday-food-choiceEnjoy the Holiday spirit by sharing. Do you like to cook and bake? This time of the year some of the most nostalgic memories are of wonderful smells of baked goods. You can enjoy the baking and really get into the holiday spirit by sharing the baked goods. Bake gifts for neighbors, coworkers or even the homeless person you may encounter on your daily commute. You will be blessed with good wishes and feeling of gratitude.Look for some easy recipe alterations next week to help you tweak your recipes become healthier!