Group Workshops and Presentations

Nutritionally Yours offers informative group workshops and presentations for churches, offices, gyms, clubs and neighborhood groups in the Triangle area. These interactive sessions are full of practical tips that will help you eat better so you can take control of your nutritional goals. Please contact us for possible topics for your workshop.

Take Control of Your Plate (Weight Management)

Weight Management - Sandwich with Caliper

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Food and Drug Interactions
  • Individualized Goal Setting
  • Recipe Modifications for up to 10 recipes
  • Recipe Resources
  • Weekly follow up (for six weeks)

Fee: $500


Eating Right for Teens

  • Geared to Teens
  • Group Presentation (for up to 10 teens)
  • Nutrients Important to Teens (Boys and Girls)
  • Common Nutritional Challenges
  • Fast Food Guide
  • Best Snacks for your Backpack/Sports bag

Fee: $250

Fuel The Team to Reach the Finish LineField Hockey

  • Designed for Athletic Teams
  • Group session with the Team
  • Sport specific Nutritional Information
  • Training Nutrition Guide
  • Race Day Nutrition Guide
  • Review of Nutritional Products for Athletes
  • Maximum Team Size is 10 Members

Fee: $500

Individual Nutrition Consultation can be arranged for additional charge.

Give Your Body a Boost (Oncology Patients)

  • Group or individual sessions
  • Group Presentation on Immunity and Nutrition
  • Major Nutritional Issues during Cancer Treatment
  • Food and Drug Interactions
  • Recipe Modifications to Increase the Impact of foods you can eat

– OR –Blueberries and Strawberries

  • Individual Nutritional Assessment
  • Review of Nutritional Issues
  • Food and Drug Interactions
  • Individualized Nutritional Intervention

Fee: $350 (Group of up to five)

Fee: $150 (Individual)

Transform Your Family Table

  • Geared to Families
  • Nutritional assessment of your family’s eating habits
  • Healthy meal planning for the family
  • Pantry evaluation
  • Healthy food shopping assistance
  • Recipe modifications on your family’s 10 favorite recipes
  • Monthly follow up with your family for six months

Fee: $750

Delicious and Nutritious: Be a Gourmet!

Food Preparation - Budding Chef

  • Aimed at Budding Cooks and Chefs
  • Good Nutritional Principles of balanced meals
  • Taste and Flavor without the Guilt
  • Sensible Gustatory Experience
  • Food Safety and Knife Skills
  • Cooking together in your kitchen
  • Fees include ingredients for recipes and up to 8 participants

Fee: $800