Make it a Family Affaire

During the national nutrition month if your have committed to “Put Your Best Fork Forward” remember that it is a family affaire. Adults in the family needs to lead by example and the younger generation needs to take part in the process of good nutrition.

Make mealtimes a family affaire beginning with meal planning. Unless you know who needs to be at soccer practice, dance lessons, volunteering or a meeting and when it is impossible to plan family meals. Hold a family meeting over the weekend to discuss everyone’s calendars. Plan a weekly menu taking into consideration how much time will be needed to prepare and eat the meal, will the meal have to be portable (to eat on the way) and who will have time to prepare it.Kids Making Pizza

Don’t forget that the meal preparation can also be family time! Almost anyone at any age is capable of helping. Youngest of the family (under 5) can help wash, peel, snap the vegetables, or set the table. A little bit older ones can help chop, stir, assemble a salad, serve and help put away the leftovers. Cooking together is an enjoyable, quality time.

Make a plan for this weekend to bring the family together, plan a menu and put your best fork(s) forward!