March Madness in April!

As I am watching the NCAA Championship game I realized the March madness has extended into April. There is another kind of madness that comes with April. We all know “April showers bring May flowers” but what about all the tree pollen that comes before? April showers are welcome to wash away the yellow covering from cars, roads and everything else outside.

Do you suffer from spring allergies? North Carolina is the allergy capital. Even if you never had any seasonal allergies before once you move here they become a part of your life. What can you do to hep alleviate or at least reduce the effects of these allergies? Well there are a few things that come to mind.

1. Drink plenty of water. Your body needs extra as the temperatures warm up and to wash out any inhaled/ingested allergens. Plus, your body secretes more fluids through your nose and eyes to keep the pollen out. We need at least 8 cups (64 oz) water daily routinely. Make that 10 cups (80 oz) during allergy season.

2. Include foods high in Vitamin C daily. Citrus fruits, berries, or even a vitamin supplement like EmergenC. Vitamin C helps your immune system.

3. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep not only rejuvenates you but also improves your immune system’s ability to handle allergens. Maintain an evening routine to help get you to the slumber easily. Keep the sheets and pillowcases clean and keep the room temperature cool.

4. Add some anti-inflammatory foods and spices to your usual foods. Add fresh ginger to your daily smoothie or stir fried veggies. Add turmeric to warm milk or almond milk, make curry with coconut milk and add extra turmeric to it. Sprinkle some cinnamon on your cereal or fruits.

5 Try a neti pot. Neti pots are easily available at health food stores. They offer an easy way to keep the allergens out of your nasal passage. The process takes a little getting used to but it can be done easily. Use warm water with a little salt in it.

6. Exercise: Do we need another reason to move? Sweating is a great way to detox your body. Don’t miss your exercise even if you have a runny nose and itchy eyes. Take some extra facial tissues along.

And most important of all, wash your hands often. Enjoy the Spring! Before you know it, it will be too hot.