Individual One-on-One Coaching

What to expect from your sessions with the RD?

First Appointment: The first appointment will help the dietitian get to know your goals in seeking the help of a nutritionist, what you hope to gain from coaching and your current dietary habits and level of health.Together we will set specific, easy to follow goals for you.


Individual coaching can be scheduled for:Bell Peppers

  • Weight Management
  • High Cholesterol Intervention
  • High Blood Pressure Intervention
  • Diabetes Management
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders (Crohn's, IBS)
  • Intolerances (lactose, gluten etc.)
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition during Cancer treatment
  • Food Sensitivities Testing (MRT Test)
  • Genetic Testing (Nutrigenomix)

In addition to discussing what to eat, your session may cover aspects on how to eat, such as:

  • Learning to plan meals for you and your family
  • Identifying your eating style and how to deal with it
  • Learning to distinguish between hunger and appetite
  • Moving away from a "dieting" mindset
  • Bringing mindfulness to eating

Your first session includes:

  • An hour of nutrition coaching
  • An assessment of your current health and medical history
  • An assessment of your physical activity and determination of calories expended
  • SMART goal setting
  • A healthy lifestyle plan tailored for you

First session fee is: $200/hr (cash, check or credit card payments)

The dietitian will guide, encourage and challenge you to make lasting lifestyle changes through routine follow-up. Together, we will decide what frequency of visits will work best for you. Typically, clients schedule a one-hour follow-up session every 3-4 weeks.


At each follow-up session we will:

  • Review food records for issues, questions and triggers, (if food records are kept)
  • Identify roadblocks to reach your goals and you will learn strategies to overcome these
  • Celebrate successes and discover how they were accomplished
  • Discuss other pertinent topics. For example: healthier restaurant choices; how to reach protein goals on a vegetarian diet, ways to modify recipes etc.

Follow-up guidance / sessions are: $200/hr (cash, check or credit card payments)

LEAP/MRT: Is Your Food Making You Sick?Lifestyle Eating And Performance LEAP

Are you suffering from a stubborn health problem that won’t go away no matter what you try? Or perhaps you feel like the medications and treatments you’re taking aren’t actually getting at the root cause of your illness - but you want something that will?

If you feel this way, or know someone that does, here are some important facts to consider:

  • Medical Research has shown that foods and food additives can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems.
  • If your dietis causing your illness, whatever medications you take will ultimately fail because they only mask the symptoms. They don’t affect the underlying cause of the symptoms. And as is too often the case, many medications have side effects that can lead to other health problems.
  • If diet is causing your illness and you don’t address it, you could easily end up suffering for many years, spending thousands of dollars for treatments that will never work the way you want them to.

Conditions and Symptoms Linked to Food Sensitivity

  • Irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, functional dyspepsia (heartburn), diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping and bloating
  • Migraine and other chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, arthritis
  • Autism, ADD/ADHD, fatigue, tiredness, insomnia, general malaise, restlessness and 'brain fog'
  • Hives, eczema
  • Excess mucous production, chronic post nasal drip, chronic congestion.

Micronutrient Testing:

Get your personalized function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within your white blood cells.  Scientific evidence shows us that analyzing the white blood cells gives us the most accurate analysis of a body's deficiencies.