“Super”Bowl: You Can be the Winner

Can’t believe it is February already! And the Super Bowl is almost here. No matter which teams are playing the game; most folks have a SuperBowl event planned. You know the deal: pizza, beer, nachos, seven-layer dip, chips, loaded potato skins etc. etc.

Super Bowl SpreadWell, my family is no different in that we always participate in the SuperBowl party. It is fun to spend a cold February Sunday with friends. Where we differ is what we offer to bring to the party and what we do before and at the party. My best friend makes incredible homemade Chicago-style pizzas. The very first year I attended a SuperBowl party there I just looked at the pizza and I knew it would not be something I could eat (size & ingredients I usually don’t consume). I do love the party atmosphere.

So here are my tricks to get through the SuperBowl party:

  • Eat a small meal or a snack before going to the party. This way my tastebuds don’t take over when I arrive at the party. I can resist the chips and nachos or settle for just a taste.
  • Bring a large salad for the crowd. All guests bring something anyway and I always offer to bring a salad. That way I can be sure that I can load my plate with the salad and still have a little room for pizza.Salad and Water
  • Drink a glass of water alongside your favorite drink. Whether it is a beer or wine, always accompany it with water. It helps slow down the guzzling and keeps you hydrated. Drink a glass of water for each can of beer or glass of wine.
  • Ask for an alternative. Since the host is my best friend, I just ask her for a veggie pizza or even just a cheese pizza. That way I don’t have to eat the ingredients I don’t want to and can still enjoy.
  • Leave at Half-Time. I know this may sound weird. Dessert is usually coming out at halftime and if I am getting ready to head out the door, I can avoid it or take a bite and leave before being tempted for more. Usually by half-time the result of the game becomes clear and it is late enough that I want to be home to be in bed on time. After all the next day is a workday.

I can always come away as the winner at every SuperBowl knowing that I did not ruin my healthy eating plan. Plus I wake up with no bloating or discomfort the next day. You can be a winner too at this SuperBowl.