What Others Say

From the beginning, you were so encouraging and upbeat. I really looked forward to the appointments. You helped me make enough small changes through the months to make a difference in my health and how I feel. Now I am eating more fresh food and walking or doing yoga several times a week the way I have wanted to for a long, long time. You really know how to meet people where they are in their lives and make a difference.

MD - Youngsville, NC

When the doctor informed me that I have to make drastic changes in my diet to take care of my Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol, I was heartbroken. I started on a very strict diet, but deep in my heart I knew it was doomed for failure.

Fortunately I started talking to Manju soon and she advised me how to make my diet enjoyable. She listened to me about my cravings and gave me very good tips how to substitute for them and curb a few of them. For example my sweet tooth used to become vampire-like after dinner and a simple trick like using mouthwash just after dinner curbs that instinct greatly.

With her help I have been successful to change my lifestyle, which is not only healthier but also enjoyable. This will help it to be a permanent happy solution. My blood sugar and cholesterol levels are improving drastically and almost at normal levels in a few months. I will keep on using her advice over time and recommend her highly to anyone wishing to make a successful transition towards a healthier lifestyle.


I had a pleasant experience working one-on-one with Manju. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and food products. She introduced me to apps that I could easily use to track my caloric intake. She has a knack for helping you plan healthy family friendly dinners and offers great encouragement and advice on how to fit daily exercise into your schedule. Manju introduced easy and nutritional snacks and helped me come up with easy, healthy meal plans for me to cook for my family of four.

I have extremely benefitted from her vast knowledge of nutrition. She helped transform my pantry into a space that is healthy for my entire family. I lost weight in a steady and healthy time frame and I am maintaining the healthy habits she taught me. Manju is a nutritionist who cares and will help you make changes to be a more healthy you!

LV - Cary, NC

When I decided to run a sprint distance triathlon at age 50, I knew I needed help from various people. The first person I sought out was a nutritionist. Manju was absolutely amazing! She sat down with me to understand exactly what my goals were and what kind of time frame we had. Being a "completer" and not a "competer," I wanted to understand what I needed to do nutritionally in order to train well and complete the race feeling good. I also wanted to lose some weight in the process.

Manju took all of my goals and then created a very simple-to-follow nutrition plan and an easy-to-use tracking card, tailored just for me. Since I was resistant to writing anything down, she worked with me through several iterations until I had something that I would use to help me recognize my eating habits. Manju also helped me understand how to hydrate myself and have the proper fuel (carbs and protein in the correct balance) before, during and after a workout or race. That was extremely enlightening to me and made a huge difference in how I felt working out and ultimately in my race!

Working together with Manju I was able to achieved great success. I lost one pound a week for 10 straight weeks and have maintained that weight since. Following the nutrition and hydration plan, which Manju set for me, I ran my triathlon in just under the time I was hoping for and felt great upon completion!

I highly recommend Manju for any weight loss and/or sports nutritional needs you might have. She is an excellent listener and will help you understand your eating habits so that you can modify them to achieve your goals. My only regret is that I did not work with Manju before I was 50!


I sought Manju's experience in training for my first half-marathon. She helped me understand my food (amount and types) and fluid requirements, for my training runs and for each day of preparation. The preparation gave me confidence during my training and this paid off with a great first half-marathon experience.

I finished feeling great!

Manju's expertise in helping me understand my body's nutritional needs was key to having a great experience. She is patient in explaining details and answering questions, and gives clear, straightforward guidance on nutrition. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious!


I benefited greatly from Manju's support, guidance and encouragement. She inspired me to make healthy lifestyle changes, educated me about diet and exercise, and challenged me to set goals and stay on track while working toward them. She was a wonderful and supportive coach committed to illuminating my pathways to change. I am grateful . . . thank you, Manju!