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Bring the fall colors to your plate

Autumn is all around us! The trees are displaying blazing warm colors while there is a crisp cool in the air. The seasonal produce this time of the year has the same potential to bring the fall beauty to your menu. A variety of squash, acorn, butternut, spaghetti, pumpkin and more have the wonderful earthy…

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A Muffin, Many Ways

Our family has a breakfast rule; “You cannot leave home without eating breakfast.” When everyone is in a rush to leave home in the morning having quick breakfast available to all is critical. As the kids were growing up, taking into consideration their ability to feed themselves breakfast was also important. So I got into…

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Recipe Hacks: Make them Healthier

I used think of hacking as a bad thing, just in the sense of violating the integrity of something. As I have become more and more tech savvy, at least by using some of the tools to better my life, I have learned to use the term “hacking” in a  different way. I realized I…

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