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Balanced Meals: simple and easy

Keep it simple and make it easy. Weeknights can be busy and challenge us to make wholesome meals. Keep the “My Plate” picture in mind when putting together meals to ensure nutritional balance.   By incorporating at least three food groups in each meal and focusing on variety of foods from each food group will make…

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Make it a Family Affaire

During the national nutrition month if your have committed to “Put Your Best Fork Forward” remember that it is a family affaire. Adults in the family needs to lead by example and the younger generation needs to take part in the process of good nutrition. Make mealtimes a family affaire beginning with meal planning. Unless…

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Beyond the Number on the Scale

This last week of the year most are beginning to think about the New Year’s resolutions. It is common to hear about health related goals, such as lose weight, not eat sugar or carbs, exercise more etc. etc. Healthy goals are wonderful all year long and if the beginning of a new year is motivation…

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